We are women inspiring, supporting, and helping non-profits and organizations in our community through donations of our time and money.


What brought you to WISH?

Prior to Covid, when I was out at events, I found myself feeling profoundly lonely — even while amid numerous people that I knew and was friendly with. Bizarrely for my extra-extraverted personality, I was relieved for the forced respite. An invitation to speak at a meeting last fall brought me back to the group. The warm welcome, authentic conversation and genuine caring for each other makes me feel welcome, cared about and included. I am grateful for my new (and old!) friends in WISH.

What is your favorite thing about WISH?

It’s not a pretentious group and there is no pressure to participate.

How do you spend your days?

No two work days are alike at Frederick Rescue Mission where I am privileged to love on people through my role as Partnership Development Director. Evenings and weekends are for family and friends, where food always seems to play a starring role!

SHE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT...My phone (my 5th grade daughter’s contribution to this bio, and I must agree), Ice cream, Books, My family