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A Summer Assortment

by | Jun 11, 2024 | Inspirational | 0 comments

The Midnight Sun is fast approaching with Summer on its heels.

In the shade of a tree, lemonade in hand, our time floats with the cloud-sculpted shapes.

The grass needs mowing or perhaps sowing. It stains our shoes and shirts. But oh, the smell of newly mown grass—Summer’s in the air.

Our gardens beckon for our touch and maybe a sprinkle of water. They respond with gifts of bursting flavors, explosive aromas, and colors.

That favorite shop, with striped awning or not, paneled in lists of flavors, offers a treat to our lips and tongue (and maybe our four-legged friend).

Summer ice cream tastes the best!

Lake or ocean, the sand’s the same. Sunburned toes cool in its pockets. We lie on its heated skin at night, as bonfires spark and flicker.

Warm nights.

Hot dates.

Rekindled dreams and friendships.

As the lingering light begins to fade, the Sun seems to know, in Summer, serenity, whispering, and wishing bloom in an afterglow.

About the Author

Karen Justice is a writer, traveler, mentor, and facilitator. She’s retired from a gazillion different jobs in fourteen states and three countries. They all involved teaching, enabling, promoting and writing in one way or another. You can reach her via her website, www.karenjustice.US