We are women inspiring, supporting, and helping non-profits and organizations in our community through donations of our time and money.


What brought you to WISH?

I was Melissa’s hairdresser and was tired of being invited; and I ran out of excuses.

What is your favorite thing about WISH?

The connections and relationships with other women.

How do you spend your days?

Work days I am at the salon working with my clients and training new staff.  Hairdressing is definitely my first love.  I started over 30 years ago and I still enjoy helping people with their hair and teaching others.

When I am not at the salon, I’m with my friends and family.  I also enjoy cooking and gardening.  One of my favorite things to do is sitting on my patio with my dog I never get tired of it.

SHE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT...Coffee, Craft Beer, Eye Brow Pencil, My Kindle