We are women inspiring, supporting, and helping non-profits and organizations in our community through donations of our time and money.


What brought you to WISH?

Melissa.  We met when she showed up to my Zumba class one Saturday morning in Walkersville.  I guess she heard about an “older chica that still liked to dance and didn’t care who was watching”.  We’ve joined each other’s classes ever since.

What is your favorite thing about WISH?

I like the acronym and what it stands for.  Actually, I love acronyms.  Acronyms have always been a great studying strategy for me and continue to be as I age.  Additionally, the word WISH, I like it also.  We “wish upon a star”, or blow a dandelion and wish on that as it flies away, blow out birthday candles and make a wish, get the largest part of the wishbone at Thanksgiving and make a wish, etc.  For me, both the word, wish and the group, W.I.S.H., correlates to DREAM, which correlates to positive CHANGE and therein we can always be learning and doing some really gooooooooooooood stuff.

How do you spend your days?

Since June 2020, I have been employed full-time in the Wellness Center at Carroll Lutheran Village, Westminster, MD.  I was completely surprised that the job offer was for FT.  How could I be so lucky to teach classes to active agers and help with employee wellness, Monday-Friday??  Well – I am lucky, but, honestly, it’s been quite a challenge.  My goal from the beginning was to work here until my husband retired from the fire department and re-evaluate at that time.  Six months to go, ladies! Not that we’re counting.  God is so good and we shall see what happens.