We are women inspiring, supporting, and helping non-profits and organizations in our community through donations of our time and money.


What brought you to WISH?

Our wonderful friend Melissa first suggested this group to me.  She must have seen that there was a greater purpose for me that could be revealed by meeting so many inspiring women.

What is your favorite thing about WISH?

Obviously, the women.  It is a diverse group with diverse backgrounds.  On the surface what I see is so many accomplishments and achievements.  But as time has revealed, these women are REAL (Honest, humble, full of heart) with real passions, challenges, drives, and solutions.  There is a great sense of community here.  I enjoy chatting and listening to the often comedic tales that are shared.

SHE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT...the gym, nutrition, her family, her pug-Oliver, coffee, and beach time